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Thank you for visiting my Covid-19 Relief Print Shop. The theme of the imagery is joy and hope.  As the name of the print shop suggests, it has been activated as a way to attempt to stay afloat during these truly terrifying times. Artists, musicians, hospitality workers, every member of the gig economy...we all need your help. This is a situation which NONE of us can wrap our minds around or feel safe about, and adding sudden financial insecurity to our mounting global anxiety does not help matters. I never thought I would find my business in this situation; of course none of us did.

Photography is my passion. Creating art and capturing the incomprehensible beauty in our world is all I want to do. If you're here reading this long note, you're already someone who loves and supports me in some way, so thank you. I look forward to the day when we can dance, sing, laugh, and pray together in one space. Until then, please consider buying an art print for your home which you are stuck in ; )




Hallie Duesenberg Photography

Chicago, IL.